Tactomat Step Gearboxes


Tactomat Step Gearboxes

TACTOMAT is one of the leading companies in the field of step reducers in Germany and has been providing support to its customers for a long time with its design engineers.
Some of the features of the products are listed below, you can visit the related product section of our web page for more detailed information or you can contact us.

Rotary step table design and operating mode: The
rotary table converts continuous input motion into intermittent (step) output motion. The intermittent output motion is transmitted by means of an induction hardened, precisely machined cam. The system provides an optimally adjusted gap-free, smooth transition.
Its design and construction ensure precise connection of the output flange (machine mounting surface) and zero clearance positioning.
No other locking device is required on the output flange. Additional locking devices can damage the step table in the long term and may cause incorrect positioning.
The motor movement is transmitted to the worm gear by means of the input shaft, from there to the wheel and to the optionally designed wedge. The output stage (table) is rotated by cam journals.
The output flange is equipped with bearings capable of supporting radial and axial loads and seals and gaskets to provide sealing.

Advantages for design engineers and special machine builders:
All surfaces of the housing are machined for assembly, suitable for use in all mounting positions.
Installing the same holes at the top and bottom.
The diameter of the output hollow shafts is kept sufficiently large.
The output flange has a sufficient number of screws and hollow holes.
Flexible design for motor connections, 2. Spindle output for connection to different modules for synchronous operation.

Flexibility for individual customer needs
Different choice of input drive motor,
Reinforced output flange bearing for high speed and torque,
Optional friction type clutch on the drive unit,
Standstill and step angle can be adapted to the requirements,
Different step sizes are available in all sizes.
Specially designated color at no extra charge.

Technical advantages for users:
High reliability and long service life,
Robust construction,
Induction-hardened cams and smaller dimensions for larger load factors,
Needle or roller bearings running fully oil bath, no wear,
Totally maintenance-free, Fully wear- free when used with
optional universal control TIC (Taktomat Index Controller).

Recommended System Equipment